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Eaton Electrical
D26 Series Type M, 600 Vac Multipole with Convertible Contacts Relays
Key Features Contact poles D26MPR and D26MPF in 2- through 8-pole  relays are convertible NO to  NC or vice versa.  Simply  reverse the terminal screws  and rotate ... More >
Eaton Electrical
D15 Series 600V Multipole Machine Tool Relays
Key Features 600V, 10A continuous  thermal current State indicator visually  shows relay ON or OFF  status Relay base has mounting  holes on 35 x 60 mm  centers, ... More >
Eaton Electrical
AR-ARD Series Convertible Contact Industrial Control Relays
Key Features Permanent Magnet Latch By energizing the relay coil, the latch attachment “sets”  (when the base relay’s  armature/crossbar assembly  has closed) ... More >