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Comoso can design and build your panel requirements in our UL508A qualified shop located in Corona, CA.

UL508A is an international standard for the construction of industrial control panels. The UL label signifies that your panel's met all requirements to be inspected by field representatives, and has also achieved USA/Canada certifications as well.

UL-508 is the industry's most widely recognized safety standard.  UL-508 helps to ensure the safe and reliable operation of all types of electric and electronic equipment.

Examples of Control Panels we can build:

  • Machine controls
  • PLC control panels
  • Closed-loop motion controllers
  • AC/DC drives and related controls
  • Operator consoles
  • HMI panels
  • Hydraulic power unit control panels
  • Farming/irrigation pump panels
  • Softstart pump panels

If you're a manufacturer looking for a knowledgeable, collaborative partner in the production of your control panels, Comoso/MFCP is here to help. We specialize in bringing advanced solutions and front-line control panel technology to our customers by establishing a collaborative relationship, sharing expert advice, and offering unique designs tailored to meet customer requirements. 

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