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Eaton Electrical
M22 Palm Switches
Eaton's M22 palm switches are an oversized button that mount directly to an enclosure base. This allows for a stand-alone button that can be mounted anywhere. The ... More >
Eaton Electrical
Pushbutton Control Stations - Assembled
M22 Assembled Control  Stations M22 series operators Available in horizontal and  vertical configurations Impact resistant  polycarbonate enclosures Optional ... More >
BDF200 Pendant Control Panel
Key Features Thermoplastic enclosure slender shock-proof enclosure to be fitted to commercial-off-the-shelf aluminium profiles to be installed at an ergonomic ... More >
Enclosure Solutions
Pushbutton Enclosures NEMA 12 PVC
Key Features 22mm or 30mm PVC material is easy to machine or punch Stainless Steel hardware NEMA ... More >
Eaton Electrical
R5 Series Enclosed Rotary Disconnects