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Murr Elektronik
Impact67 Compact IP67 Fieldbus I/O Modules
Key Features IP67 Pluggable connections Single channel diagnostic via LEDs Group diagnostics via the bus Port-related shut-off – only the failed port  is ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
H-Micro Plug-in Solenoid Air Valve Island
Compact valve manifold with high flow Reduced machine size and complexity Fieldbus ready for centralized or decentralized applications Preferred Connectivity to ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
H1 Series ISO Valve Serial Adressable Module for DeviceNet
Input / Output SAM features 2 outputs and 2 inputs in subbase version 16 watts per output NPN and PNP inputs Diagnostics 6 diagnostic input bits 4 diagnostic input ... More >
SD-I-U Universal Gateway for Series Wiring
Key Features UNIVERSAL Gateway for the series-wiring of the diagnostic signals of safety switchgear with integrated SD interface. Comprehensive volumes of status and ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
Moduflex Valve V Series Valve Terminals
Key Features Manifold Mount Valves Solenoid Operated Collective Wiring 20-pin Multi-connector 25-pin D-Sub (DB25) Fieldbus Connections Profibus DP DeviceNet ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
H Series Network Portal for ISO Air Valves
Allen Bradley Preferred Connectivty Protocols EtherNetIP Profibus DP DeviceNet ControlNet Up to 32 solenoids on main valve manifold H-Micro Bus Expansion Allows ... More >
1990DN Series DeviceNet Resolver
Key Features Resolution - 12 bit (4096 Counts) RPM- 1024 max. Conformance- This product has been tested by ODVA’s authorized Independent Test Lab and found to comply ... More >