Parker Instrumentation
CPI / A-Lok Instrumentation Tube Fittings

Parker CPI™ / A-LOK® Instrumentation Tube Fittings are designed as leak-free connections for process, power and instrumentation applications. These single and two ferrule fittings are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are available in a broad range of sizes, materials and configurations.


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The Parker CPI™ / A-LOK® tube fitting has been specifically designed for use on instrumentation, process and control systems, analysers and environmental equipment employed in chemical, petroleum, power generating and pulp and paper plants. CPI™ / A-LOK® fittings have also been used extensively in other applications and industries wherever high reliability and quality are required.

Standard Materials

  • Heat Code Traceable 316 Stainless Steel. 
  • Other materials include steel, brass, aluminum, nickel-copper, Hastelloy C®, Alloy 600, Titanium, 6Mo, Incoloy 625 and 825. 

Straight fittings: Machined from cold finished bar stock 

Shaped bodies: Machined from close grain forgings. 

The raw materials used fully conform to the chemical requirements listed in Specification Table 1 found on page 6. 

For nuclear and other critical applications, stainless steel CPI™ / A-LOK® fittings are readily available with documented heat code traceability.