Suburban Manufacturing, Inc.
Sidewinder Sleeve - 24B-60 Weld Shield

Key Features

  • Material: Plain Weave Fiberglass with coating on both sides of proprietary FR neoprene coating 
  • Temperature Range: -40°F (-40°C) to +750°F (398°C) continuous exposure, 1000°F (537°C) intermittent exposure 
  • Abrasion Resistance: Fair; not recommended for applications requiring abrasion resistance 
  • Puncture/Tear: Excellent; extremely difficult to puncture or tear 
  • UV Protection: Excellent; best barrier, meets EN13758-1, top rating of 80 New 
  • Chemicals: Excellent, unaffected by water, petro chemicals, or mild caustics 
  • Wicking: Excellent 
  • Welding Sparks/Spall: Excellent; shields molten metal to 3000°F when on an incline of 15°.

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The Weld Shield Sidewinder Sleeve is ideal for robotic welders and machinery to protect hoses, cables, and wiring from hot sparks and spall.