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Parker Skinner
Solenoid Valve Manifolds for Parker Skinner Cartridge Valves
Key Features Improved System Reliability Reduced Fittings, Tubing, and Potential Leak Paths Simplified Purchashing, Installation, and Testing Self-contained Cartridge ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
15mm Solenoid Valves
Key Features Compact and simple design  Utilizes 15mm solenoid operators Manifold allows mounting of normally open and normally closed operators simultaneously  ... More >
Spartan Scientific
38KRE Series 2-Way & 3-Way Solenoid Pilot Operator Assembly
Key Features 22mm Width Form BI Coil 2/2 NC 3/2 NC Manual Override Industry Interchange Specials Available ... More >
COMOSO - Controlled Motion Solutions
Manifolds for Form BI / 22mm Solenoid Pilot Operator Valves
Key Features Stations Available: 2-16 Blank Plates Available 1/8 NPT Inlet/Outlet Customs Available Aluminum - Anodized Applications Process Controls Air Pilot ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
P2FP Series 22mm Solenoid Pilot Operators
Key Features Supplied with mounting screws & o-rings 3-way, NC function Variety of Overrides Industry Interchange Coils and connectors must be ordered separately. ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
CNOMO Solenoid Operator Valve
Key Features CNOMO Standard Mount Fits ISO 5599-1 Air Valves Supplied with mounting screws & o-rings 3-way, NC function Part Number Description P2FP23N4B ... More >
Parker Gold Ring
Manifold Mounted Miniature Cartridge Valves 2-Way & 3-Way Direct Acting Miniature Cartridge Valves
Standard Voltages: AC –  24/60 120/60–110/50 240/60–220/50 DC –  12 ... More >
Spartan Scientific
1500 Series 15mm Sub-Base Mount Solenoid Operator
Key Features All in one miniaturized design Captive (Body ported) exhaust port High flows up to .04 Cv available Low Wattage down to 1 Watt On board manual ... More >
Spartan Scientific
2500 Series Sub-Micro Solenoid Operator
The Spartan Scientific Series 2500 Sub-Micro solenoid operators are designed for piloting 3 and 4-way directional control valves and pneumatic actuators. The plate-mount ... More >
Spartan Scientific
38KRI Series 2-Way & 3-Way Solenoid Pilot Operator Assembly With Internal Exhaust
The Spartan Scientific Series 38KRI is a miniature solenoid operator pilot assembly designed to control inert gasses and liquids and is made to easily mount to a flat ... More >
Spartan Scientific
3800 Series Mini Solenoid Operators
The Spartan Scientific Series 3800 solenoid operators are specially designed for the pilot function of 3 and 4-way pneumatic directional control valves. Available in ... More >
Spartan Scientific
4000 Series Air-Sol 2-Way & 3-Way Solenoid Operators
The Spartan Scientific Series 4000 solenoid operators are used as 2 and 3-way in-line poppet valves or to pilot larger 3 and 4-way spool valves. With orifice ranges from ... More >
VA Series 3, 4-port / Miniature Direct Operated Solenoid Valve for Vacuum & Positive Pressure/ Poppet Seal
Gems Sensors
BL Series Latching Valve
Gems Sensors
D Series High Flow Solenoid Valve
Gems Sensors
E & EH Series Solenoid Valve
Gems Sensors
G & GH Series Solenoid Valve