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Comoso offers both adjustable and factory set pressure switches. A wide variety of electrical connections and wire terminations are available.
Parker Pneumatic
PPS1 Pressure Switches
Key Features Long life elastomer diaphragm High quality snap action switch Field adjustable NEMA 4, 13  Operation The pressure switch monitors the air pressure in ... More >
400 Series Heavy-Duty Mechanical Switch
Key Features Stable switching point setting Converts pneumatic and hydraulic pressure into switching functions Excellent repeatability of ±2% of full scale, designed ... More >
100 Series Miniature Low Pressure Mechanical Switch
Key Features Rugged one-piece machined housing provides maximum durability Compact size allows installation where space is limited Ranges available from 5 psi to 150 psi ... More >
200 Series Mechanical Compact SPDT Switch
Key Features Ranges available from 3 psig to 30 psig through 450 psig to 4,600 psig External adjustment screw for ease of setting the switching point on-site Operates ... More >
300 Series Compact SPDT Mechanical Switch With Adjustable Hysteresis
Key Features Ranges available from 3 psig to 30 psig through 450 psig to 4,600 psig Rugged zinc-plated steel housing and process connection Proven diaphragm or piston ... More >
Gems Sensors
PS11 Series Low Pressure Switch
Key Features 0.75 to 15 psi (.051 to 1 bar)  Adjustable or Factory Setpoint 1,000,000 Cycle Life Typical Formerly PDPA/PDPF Applications Low pressure ... More >
Gems Sensors
PS31/PS51 Series Pressure Switches
Key Features  5 to 300 psi (.345 to 20 bar)  Adjustable or Factory Set Applications Ideal for Low Temperature Pneumatic ... More >
Gems Sensors
PS41 Series Pressure Switch
Key Features 3.5 to 100 psi (0.24 to 7 bar) Field Adjustable Economical Applications Demanding Applications where space and / or price are strong concerns ... More >
Gems Sensors
PS71 Series Hydraulic/Pneumatic Pressure Switches
Key Features 10 to 5000 psi (0.7 to 344 bar) Adjustable or Factory Set Multiple Fittings, Electrical Ranges and Terminations Applications Hydraulic Pressure Sensor ... More >
Gems Sensors
PS75 Series General Purpose Pressure Switches
Key Features 5 to 6000 psi (0.35 to 414 bar)  Wear Disc Design for Longer ... More >
Gems Sensors
PS76 Series Pressure Switches
Key Features 15 to 1750 psi (1 to 121 bar) Applications High pressure OEM applications ... More >