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SLM Series Rugged Metal Slot Sensor
Key Features Senses objects as small as 0.30 mm that pass through the slot Available in eight slot widths, from 10 to 220 mm Rugged metal IP67-rated housing Selection ... More >
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SL10 & SL30 Series Slot Sensors
Key Features Holds easy-to-use opposed mode sensor pairs in rugged U-shaped housing Available with 10 mm sensing slot (SL10 models) or 30 mm sensing slot (SL30 models) ... More >
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SLE10 & SLE30 Series Programmable Slot Sensors
Key Features Available with 10 mm (SLE10) or 30 mm (SL30E) slot widths Features easy push-button TEACH-mode setup Responds in 150 or 500 microseconds, depending on model ... More >