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Parker Pneumatic
P8S Global Drop-In Solid State Sensors
P8S series of solid state switches are used for cylinder position sensing. Switches mount flush in cylinder body with sensor grooves and do not require additional ... More >
Canfield Connector
Magnetic Proximity Sensors for Linear Actuators
Key Features SPST Normally Open SPST Normally Closed SPDT Triac NPN PNP ... More >
Canfield Connector
Series 9T Reed & Electronic Magnetic Proximity Sensors
Key Features Small sensor fits most space requirements. Indicator light Corrosion and washdown resistant. Electronic sensing version (no moving parts) Reverse polarity ... More >
Canfield Connector
Series 8000 Reed & Electronic Magnetic Proximity Sensors
Key Features Extremely consistent repeatability Compact design Surge suppression available (standard on electronic) Reverse polarity protection Wide voltage range ... More >
Adsen Technology
CS-50 Series Magnetic Cylinder Sensor for Parker or Numatics 6.7mm T-slot Cylinders
Key Features Reed, PNP, NPN 24V, 240V LED M8 Connector or Cable Cost Effective Mounting Brackets Universal Round - BL-1 VDMA/ISO - PF Tierod Mount - DT ... More >