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Parker Pneumatic
P31RB Mini Pressure Regulator
Key Features Integral 1/4" ports (NPT, BSPP & BSPT) Robust but lightweight aluminum construction Secondary pressure ranges 0-2 bar (0-30 psig), 0-4 bar,  (0-60 psig), ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
14R Pressure Regulator
Key Features Unbalanced poppet standard. Solid control piston with lip seal  for extended life. Non-rising adjusting knob. Compact, 2.88 inch (73,2mm)  high by ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
15R Pressure Regulator
Key Features Compact Economical Solid control piston with resilient seat for service-free operation Non-rising “locking” adjusting knob Compact, 3.30 inch (84mm) ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
P31HB Mini Common Regulator
Key Features Manifold style regulator with line pressure on both sides Pressure output is at front or rear Inlet port 1/4" (NPT, BSPP & BSPT) Working port 1/8" ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
R34 Pressure Regulator
Key Features Diaphragm operated for fast  operation. Large Diaphragm to valve  area ratio for precise  regulation and high flow  capacity. Balanced ... More >
Watts Fluid Air
R364/R374 Regulators – Miniature
Products R364 = Brass Body R374 = Aluminum Body Key Features High flow and high sensitivity Constant bleed option for semi-precision  applications Can be used for ... More >
50880 Series Sub-Miniature Pressure Regulators
The thrust developed by a cylinder often requires adjustment by controlling pressure to the front or back  of the piston. The pressure regulation module ... More >
Marsh Bellofram Precision Controls
Type 92 Subminiature Precision Air Pressure Regulators
Key Features Designed for applications with limited space and forlow flow or dead end service Small package size and lightweight construction Standard or low bleed ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
R24/R25 Miniature Air / Water Service Regulator
R24 - Air Service R25 - Water Service Key Features Lightweight Plastic Body Constructed with a Combination of N.S.F.  and F.D.A. Approved Materials ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
R45/R46 Miniature Air / Water Service Regulator
R45 - Air Service R46 - Water Service Key Features Lightweight Plastic Body Non-rising, Push-to-Lock Adjusting Knob Constructed with a Combination of N.S.F. and ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
02R Pressure Regulator
Key Features Compact,space saving design. Highflow. Lightweight. Relieving piston design  provides excellent pressure  regulation and allows reduction  of ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
20R Miniature Water Service Regulators
Key Features Rugged brass body for water service. Unbalanced poppet standard. Diaphragm operated for fast response. Non-rising adjusting knob. Compact, 3.06 inch ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
P3A-R Pressure Regulator
Key Features Lightweight plastic body. Non-rising adjusting knob. Solid control piston with lip seal for extended life. Unbalanced poppet standard. Two full flow ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
Moduflex Pressure Regulators
Key Features Modular fittings Modular connection to Moduflex ... More >
R03 Series Miniature Pressure Regulator
Key Features Unbalanced Poppet Standard Solid Control Piston with Lip Seal for Extended Life Non-rising Adjusting Knob Compact Easily Serviced Common Part Numbers ... More >