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Freelin Wade
Tubing “H” Clips
“H” Clips are an easy and inexpensive way to route dual tubing or hose runs. Conveniently attached via the countersunk center screw hole. Tubing “H” Clips ... More >
Freelin Wade
Tube Channels
Tube channel mounts are perfect for securing multiple tubing lines. The small 10-tube channel can be mounted with its pressure sensitive adhesive backing or with a #4 ... More >
Freelin Wade
Tubing Marker Clips
These easy-snap clips will not damage tubing. The kit consists of 50 each numerals 0 through 9 and 50 each of 14 different letters: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, P, R, X, ... More >
Freelin Wade
Tubing Gauges
A handy tool for providing a quick way to measure tubing O.D. and I.D. It measures in standard and metric ... More >
Tamper-Evident Safety Clip
For Metric ... More >