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A refrigerated dryer is typically selected to achieve its design performance at the user’s most extreme working conditions. They can be used at low pressures as well as high pressures and use no processed compressed air during the air treatment. Refrigerated air dryers are energy efficient without sacrificing the quality of the air provided.
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PRD Refrigeration Air Dryers 10-250 SCFM
The use of refrigeration drying for compressed air treatment is tested and proven for many industrial applications. Dewpoints of 35°F (1.7°C) to 50°F (10°C) are ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
PRD Refrigeration Air Dryers 325-2400 SCFM
Key Features Optimum dewpoint levels for highest system performance Advanced patented design solutions Environmentally friendly refrigerant High reliability, easy to ... More >
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Ammonia Refrigeration Dryers
Key Features Environmentally friendly. Energy efficient due to superior thermodynmaic properties. Proven safety record. Digital dewpoint readout allows for constant ... More >