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Parker Pneumatic
AS Series Air Saver Unit - Pulsed Air Blow
Key Features Large reductions in air consumption Up to 50% Savings An environmentally friendly solution to reducing air consumption. Reduction in plant CO2 emissions ... More >
Parker Skinner
High Flow Direct Mount Namur Solenoid Valves
Key Features Compact Design High flow Rates up to 3.0 Cv Fail Safe Operation Outdoor Use Long Life Expectancy FM & CSA Approvals Reduced inventory Applications ... More >
S9 5/2 Pneumatic Oscillating Valve 1/4
The oscillating valve generates oscillating movements such as e.g. shaking, hammering, plunging, feed motions etc.  ... More >
Interference Sensing Module
Designed to automatically reverse the direction  of a pneumatic cylinder when it  detects an ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
Viking ATEX Certified Series Air Valves
Operators Single Solenoid Double Solenoid Air Pilot Ports P2LAX: 1/8 NPT & BSPP P2LBX: 1/4 NPT & BSPP P2LCX: 3/8 NPT & BSPP P2LDX: 1/2 NPT & BSPP Mounting Inline IEM ... More >
Spartan Scientific
3826 Series Multiple Function Solenoid Valves
Key Features Fully encapsulated coils 20 million cycles lifetime Integrated fittings remove leaking threads Multiple function/multiple orifice size valve  meets ... More >
PC Series Pendant Controls
Key Features Air motor/hoist controller 1-3 motor control  available Versions PC = Standard version PCM = Marine version ... More >
GV2 Multiple Port Rotary Air Valve
Versions GV2-10 - 10 Outlets GV2-20 - 20 Outlets Available Options Basic valve with knob Basic valve (no actuator parts) Basic valve with ratchet mechanism Basic ... More >
VA Series 3, 4-port / Miniature Direct Operated Solenoid Valve for Vacuum & Positive Pressure/ Poppet Seal
PV07PS23/RS23 Series Pilot/Poppet 3-port Solenoid Valve