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Parker Pneumatic
H Series ISO Air Control Valves
The H Series ISO valve conforms to international standards 15407 and 5599, providing maximum flexibility for end users.  As Parker’s premier manifold mount product ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
H-Micro Plug-in Solenoid Air Valve Island
Compact valve manifold with high flow Reduced machine size and complexity Fieldbus ready for centralized or decentralized applications Preferred Connectivity to ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
HA Series ISO 15407-2, Plug-in, Size 26mm
Key Features 1/4" Ports NPT or BSPP 1.1 Cv Flow End or Bottom Port Bases Individual Valve Subbase available HA & HB Mount together in same manifold Parker Wear ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
H1 Series ISO 5599-2, Plug-in, Size 1
3/8 Ports Comoso stocks Parker ISO valves and can build most manifolds in 24 hrs.  We test all manifolds before shipping. ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
ISOMAX DX Series ISO Air Control Valves
Key Features Excellent Reliability High Performance Stable Long Lasting Performance Low friction switching Field changeable internal or external pilot supply ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
Valvair II Series Valves
Rugged and Heavy Duty for Tough Environments. Key Features Oversized Flow Areas Solenoids interchange between all styles Hazardous Duty Solenoids Valve Sizes 3/8" Basic ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
Moduflex Valve V Series Valve Terminals
Key Features Manifold Mount Valves Solenoid Operated Collective Wiring 20-pin Multi-connector 25-pin D-Sub (DB25) Fieldbus Connections Profibus DP DeviceNet ... More >
COMOSO - Controlled Motion Solutions
Manifolds for Form BI / 22mm Solenoid Pilot Operator Valves
Key Features Stations Available: 2-16 Blank Plates Available 1/8 NPT Inlet/Outlet Customs Available Aluminum - Anodized Applications Process Controls Air Pilot ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
Moduflex Valve T Series Manifold Valves with Individual Connections
The Moduflex series valve is an internal/external air piloted stacking style valve with individual solenoid or pilot connections.  Key Features ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
15mm Solenoid Valves
Key Features Compact and simple design  Utilizes 15mm solenoid operators Manifold allows mounting of normally open and normally closed operators simultaneously  ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
ADEX Series Solenoid Valves
Key Features Compact body size Fast response < 10ms Valve Sizes/Ports/Flow A00S: M3 – .02 Cv A05: M5 – .18 Cv A12: 1/8 inch – .47 Cv Mounting Inline ... More >
Schrader Bellows
Valvair Sprint Pneumatic Valves
Parker Pneumatic
H4 Series ISO 5599-2,/5599-1, Size 4
Versions 5599-2 Plug-in 5599-1 CNOMO Connectors Air ... More >