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Parker Pneumatic
PXBB 22mm Modular Pneumatic Pushbuttons
Key Features Modular Industry standard mounting hole (22mm) Multiple valves possible on same housing Pneumatic and Electric modules A complete valve assembly ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
Viking Xtreme Lever Operated Air Valves
Key Features Pneumatic Heavy duty lever Inline valve 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" Ports Twist Handle – 1/4" valve sizes NPT or BSPP Ports Functions 2-Position - 3/2 or ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
HV Pneumatic Rotary Hand Valve
Key Features Compact and Simple Design 4-Way, 3-Position Rotary Disc, Direct Operated Valves Side Porting, Bottom Mounting Detent Action Smooth Lever Actuation General ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
Directair 4 Lever Valves
Key Features 1/4" NPT Packed bore style spool – .83 Cv Stainless steel spool Fluorocarbon o-rings Inline Valve 4-Way, 2 & 3-Position 3-Way, 2 & ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
Directair 2 Inline Pneumatic Valves
Key Features Manual Operators : Lever, Toggle, Button Mechanical Operators: Plunger, Roller, One-Way Tripper Inline Valve 4-Way, 2-Position 3-Way, 2-Position 1/8" ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
M0 Series Heavy Duty Hand Operated Valves
Function 3-Way 4-Way Operators Knob Palm Button Lever Sizes  1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4" NPT ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
PL / VL Series Rotary Hand Valves
Key Features PL recommended for stationary air cylinders, arbor presses, and as a throttling valve for positioning air cylinders VL is particularly suited ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
42 Series Lever Valve
Model Series Lever Perpendicular (Inline Only) Lever Parallel Foot Pedal (2-Position, Spring Return, Inline Only) ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
Hand Operated Sliding Seal Valve
Sliding seal valves provide 3 or 4-Way directional control in a compact body size. Comfortable hand lever is easy to operate  and maintains set position. Disc type ... More >
GV2 Multiple Port Rotary Air Valve
Versions GV2-10 - 10 Outlets GV2-20 - 20 Outlets Available Options Basic valve with knob Basic valve (no actuator parts) Basic valve with ratchet mechanism Basic ... More >
Air-Mite, Inc.
MV2 Series - 3-Way Miniature Air Control Valves
Key Features Normally Closed & Normally Open  Snap Action response  Pressure Range: 30-150 psi  Rugged aluminum die-cast body  Stainless ... More >