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Parker Pneumatic
XM Series Direct Acting 1/8
The XM Series is a direct operated, 3-Way or 4-Way 1/8 inch port valve. Mounting: Inline IEM Bar Manifold Subbase Valve Manifold Functions Available: 3-Way N.O. and ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
15mm Solenoid Valves
Key Features Compact and simple design  Utilizes 15mm solenoid operators Manifold allows mounting of normally open and normally closed operators simultaneously  ... More >
Parker Gold Ring
G7 Series General Purpose Solenoid Valves
Key Features Simplified Installation and Service Durable Laser-Marked Identification Domestic Manufacturing & Support Proven Gold Ring™ and Skinner® ... More >
Spartan Scientific
3826 Series Multiple Function Solenoid Valves
Key Features Fully encapsulated coils 20 million cycles lifetime Integrated fittings remove leaking threads Multiple function/multiple orifice size valve  meets ... More >
Parker Skinner
3000 Series 2-Way Miniature Direct Acting Valves
Key Features 1/8" NPT Brass and Stainless Steel Applications Instrumentation Equipment Analyzers and Diagnostic  Equipment Medical and Dental  Equipment ... More >
Spartan Scientific
3680 Series Solenoid Diaphragm Valve
Key Features The body is available in 3/4” and 1.0” NPT low wattage solenoid features an Industry Standard 22 mm wide coil electrical interface and is nylon ... More >
Spartan Scientific
3685 Series Solenoid Diaphragm Valve
Key Features 2-position solenoid diaphragm valve offers the highest flow for the smallest overall size in its class Featuring a full flow 1.1.25” (28 mm) orifice, the ... More >
VA Series 3, 4-port / Miniature Direct Operated Solenoid Valve for Vacuum & Positive Pressure/ Poppet Seal