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Automatic drains are designed to remove liquid oil and water contaminants from compressed air systems automatically. They eliminate the necessity of someone having to drain accumulated liquids from filters, separators, receivers, etc. on a daily basis. Zero air loss condensate drains only open when liquid is present and will not allow any compressed air to escape from the system.
Parker Pneumatic
06D Automatic Drip Leg Drain
Auto drain ported 1/8" to pipe away liquid.    Drain has manual override. Easily serviced without tool. 20-250 PSIG range. Compact size.  ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
ED Zero Air Loss Condensate Drain
Key Features No loss of air to drain Sensor monitors liquid level Swivel inlet connection for easy installation Alarm if drain error occurs Zero air loss condensate ... More >
Spartan Scientific
CRDV/S Closed Loop Demand Solenoid Drain Valve
Key Benefits No Air Loss Saves Energy Key Features Manual override Solid state electronics Environment resistant package Solid state condensate sensor, no floats ... More >
Watts Fluid Air
D11-04 Tank Drains
Key Features Automatic Float Drain Port Size – 1/2 Inch NPTF Versions D11-04 Metal Bowl No Sight Glass D11-04W Metal Bowl with Sight Glass ... More >
Watts Fluid Air
608-04D Tank Drains
Key Features Polycarbonate Bowl with  Polyethylene Bowl Guard Port Size – 1/2 Inch NPTF  Minimum Supply Pressure –  30 PSIG Maximum Supply Pressure –  150 ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
WDV3 Automatic Electrical Timer Drain Valve
Key Features Does not air-lock during operation Compressed air systems up to any size The direct acting valve is serviceable Suitable for all types of compressors ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
P3TF Water Separator
Key Features Tested in accordance with ISO 8573.9. High liquid removal efficiencies at all flow conditions. Low pressure losses for low operational costs. Multiple port ... More >
Spartan Scientific
CRDV Series Condensation Removal Drain Valve
Key Features NEMA 4 construction All solid state timer Three valve sizes: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" NPT Orifice size: 1/2" (12.5mm) Time ranges: 0.5 - 25 seconds "ON"   ... More >
Drip Leg Kits
Drip Leg Kit comes fully assembled and includes: Fittings Ball Valve Drain  ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
HDF Series Mechanical Float Condensate Drain
Key Features Heavy Duty Automatic Mechanical Drain Zero Air Loss ... More >