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Parker Gold Ring
Parker Flowmeter for Water and Coolant
Key Features 4 to 200 GPM No moving parts to clog or wear LED digital display Flow rate transmitter 4-20 mA Solid state relay can be configured as alarm or pulse ... More >
3500/6000 PSI Flow Meters For Water & Other Liquids
Key Features Ports: SAE, NPTF and BSPP Pressure up to 6,000 psi (414 bar) maximum Temperature up to 240 °F (116 °C) Accuracy ±2% full scale Repeatability ±1% ... More >
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ClearView H2O Value Flow Meter
Key Features FOR 1/2" – 1" PIPE SIZES Allows for horizontal, vertical or inverted installation of the meter. Measures less than 8-1/4" long and 2-7/16" diameter ... More >
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FlowStat ES Plastic Flow Sensor
Key Features Durable polypropylene body for cost savings and compatibility with a variety of fluids ES sensor also offers a flow measuring accuracy of ±2% of full ... More >
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FreeFlow™ Economic Flow Sensor
Key Features Minimally invasive, low cost segmented wedge flow sensor. Used to monitor and control process water. The segmented wedge element provides a simple and ... More >