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Parker Filtration
WPF Series 7000 PSI World Pressure Filters
COMOSO stocks most parts to build a large variety of complete filters.   Call us and we can help configure your hydraulic filter. Key Features High strength ductile ... More >
Parker Filtration
15P/30P Series High Pressure Filters
Modern high pressure hydraulic systems are demanding. Better controls and long component life are expected. To deliver the high standards of performance, hydraulic ... More >
Parker Filtration
50P Series High Pressure Filters
The design objective for all Parker filters is to achieve a sensible balance between cost and performance.  We use state of the art technology to arrive at innovative ... More >
Industrial Manifold Mounted Inline Filters
Model Series LPF...D A – Inline Filter - Flange-Mounted up to 280 l/min, up to 25 bar DF...K P – Inline Filter - Flange-Mounted up to 550 l/min, up to 260 bar ... More >
Parker Filtration
40SS High Pressure Stainless Steel Filter
Key Features Patented Slip Thread Cover  Requires the Element to be Present  for Cover Installation Bowl-Up Confi guration for Ease of  Element Maintenance Patented ... More >