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Direct drive servo motors eliminate backlash, providing a stiff mechanical system for dynamic applications, and reduces the number of mechanical components.
Parker Electromechanical
P Series Precision Direct Drive Rotary Motors
Key Features Up To 480 NM (354 Ft-Lb) Rated Torque Up To 15,000 N (3,372 Lbf) Normal Load High Resolution Absolute Encoder Feedback Up To 500 RPM Rated Speed Easy ... More >
DX Series Rotary Servo Actuator
The DX Series Drive is a programmable direct drive rotary servo actuator with Safe Torque Off (STO) designed for small flexible dial applications. Key Features 10 ... More >
Parker Electromechanical
TMW Series Torque Motors 1,200 to 22,000 Nm (16,000 Ft-Lb)
Key Features High torque at low speed No gearbox High torque density Silent operation Customized mechanical Interface Integrated thrust bearing (option) ... More >
Parker Electromechanical
Dynaserv DM/DR Series Direct Drive Motors & G3 Digital High Performance Servo Drive Control
 No Longer Available - Reference Only Replaced with:  P Series Precision Direct Drive Rotary Motors   Key Features High resolution – up to 4,096,000 ... More >
GTB Series Servo Positioner / Rotary Index Table
Key Features Compact Servo Motor Drive Available in four sizes High Load Ratio Lubricated for life Horizontal or vertical mounting Large thru-hole diameter for space ... More >