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HMI-PLC products combine built-in PLC functionality with an operator interface. It is an all-in-one hardware solution. Simplifying installation and lowering overall system costs.
Eaton Electrical
XV Series HMI-PLCs
Key Features Built-in SmartWire-DT  master for 99 nodes Brilliant image display with  65,536 colors High resolution resistive  touch TFT displays 3.5 in, 5.7 in or ... More >
Eaton Electrical
XP-503 Series Industrial Touch Panel PC's / HMI
Key Features 10.1”, 15.6”, and 21.5” widescreen formats Scratch resistant safety glass Multi-touch Screen Protect Mode Two separate Ethernet channels Advanced ... More >
Eaton Electrical
XV-300 Series Touchscreen HMI / Panel / PLC / Display
Key Features Ultra-modern User Interface  High Resolution Multi-Touch Capable Scratch Resistant Harden Glass Windows Compact Embedded 7 Professional Landscape or ... More >
Parker Electromechanical
PAC320 Series Automation Controller
Key Features HARDWARE  • Intel Atom Dual-core, 1.60GHz, 64-bit • 1GB DDR3 SDRAM • Fan-less • SD Application Memory • Local & Remote I/O • DIN Rail ... More >
RENU Electronics
Fixed IO Touch Screen HMI/PLC
Key Features 3” touch screen monitor. 312 kbytes of HMI program memory and 152 kbytes of PLC memory. Real time clock, recipes, bar graphs, word buttons and lamps, ... More >
RENU Electronics
FlexiPanels HMI or HMI/PLC with Pluggable I/O
Key Features Analog and digital expansion modules. USB slave for programming and monitoring. Real time clock. Recipe support. Drivers for over 30 PLCs, VFDs, servos ... More >
Parker Hydraulic Group
IQAN-MD4 & IQAN-MD5 Display Modules
Key Features 5.7"-7" Screens Rugged with no moving parts Completely sealed Unlimited number of cameras can be connected Part Numbers IQAN-MD4-T1E2 20077771 ... More >