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Parker Hydraulic Group
WaveScale Linear Displacement Transducers
Key Features Operating Pressure: 3000 PSI Non-Linearity: ±0.02% of cylinder stroke or ±0.004 inch, whichever is greater. Repeatability: Equal to resolution Input ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
LPSO Linear Position Sensor Option
Cylinder with Continuous Analog Position Feedback Output Signal Choices: 0...10V 4...20mA Differential Start/Stop, leading edge active Differential ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
OSP Sensoflex SFI-Plus Displacement Measuring System
Key Features Displacement length up to 32 m Resolution 0.1 mm (option: 1 mm) Displacement speed up to 10 m/s For linear and non-linear rotary  motion Suitable ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
CPS Series Continuous Position Sensor for Pneumatic Actuators
Key Features Easy Installation Reduced Cost IO-Link Connectivty Mounts to T-slot in ... More >