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Parker Pneumatic
OSP Origa System Plus Rodless Air Cylinder
Broadest size range Diameters: 10, 16, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63, 80 mm Any length of stroke up to 10,000 mm (up to 41 meters on request) Most choice of integrated options ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
P1X-B Series Compact Rodless Air Cylinders
Key Features Low profile Shorter overall length Large carriage for higher load capacities 7 bore sizes – 16mm through 63mm Two port locations standard Integral ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
P1Z Series Magnetically Coupled Rodless Air Cylinder
Construction Magnetically Coupled Rodless Cylinder Anodized aluminum external carraige Stainless steel cylinder body Threaded aluminum endcaps Key Features Zero ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
P1Z Guided Series Magnetically Coupled Rodless Air Cylinder
Key Features Available in 3 bores with stroke lengths up to 2000 mm Adjustable air cushioning is available on all cylinderS The load is fixed onto the mobile carriage ... More >
2002 Series Pneumatic Rodless Cylinder
Bore sizes (mm): 16, 25, 32, 40, 50 The basic cylinder series satisfies the support and guidance requirements of a great diversity of applications. Various mounting ... More >
P120 Series Pneumatic Rodless Cylinder
Bore sizes (mm): 40, 63, 80 For high force and load requirements, the P120 series provides optimal strength and a unique package of ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
RC Series Rodless Air Cylinders
Construction:   Band Style Rodless Cylinder Extruded, anodized aluminum body Black anodized aluminum heads and caps Stainless Steel Sealing Band Buna-N Piston Seals ... More >
Miller Fluid Power
SRL2 Rodless Air Cylinders
Key Features Up to 100 PSI Bore Sizes 16-63mm Strokes to 196" ... More >
Parker Electromechanical
LCB Series Compact Rodless Actuators
Key Features Low Friction Dry Running Low Carriage Mass Very High Accelerations and Velocity Model Series LCB040  LCB060 ... More >