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Parker Pneumatic
4MA NFPA Aluminum Air Cylinder
Construction Anodized aluminum construction Extruded Body or Tie-rod 20 standard mounting styles NFPA interchangeable Machined Endcaps Key Features Low ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
2A Heavy Duty NFPA Pneumatic Cylinder
Series 2A the high performance, long lasting choice for all your heavy duty air applications. 1.00" through 20.00" Bore 14 NFPA Mounting Styles 250 psi Air Service ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
2AN Non-Lube Heavy Duty NFPA Pneumatic Cylinder
The 2AN is a Non-lube service version of the 2A cylinder. Standard Bore Sizes: 1 1 /2 " through 14" Piston Rod Diameters: 5/8 " through 5 1/2 " 17 Standard Mounting ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
MA Series Pneumatic Cylinders
1.50" through 6.00" Bore 11 Mounting Styles NFPA Interchangeable 200 psi Air Service Steel endcaps Key Features Bolt-on rod gland Piston magnet/aluminum tube option ... More >
NFPA Series Pneumatic Cylinders
Key Features NFPA interchangeable Available in 10 bore sizes (from 1/2" to 12") 250 PSI pneumatic Capable of strokes up to 10 feet Permanently lubricated Model Series ... More >
Schrader Bellows
PA-2 Heavy Duty NFPA Pneumatic Cylinder
Key Features 1.00" through 14.00" Bore 17 NFPA Mounting Styles 250 psi Air Service Construction: Steel, Tie rod design;  Repairable Standards: NFPA Heavy Duty ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
SA Series All Stainless Steel NFPA Air Cylinder
The Parker Series SA is specifically designed to meet today’s demand for cylinders in harsh chemical washdown environments. This cylinder is also popular in the food ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
4MAJ NFPA Aluminum Air Cylinder with Rod Lock
4MA series air cylinder fitted with Rod Lock. Piston Rod Lock with standard manual release Holding Forces to resist up to 100 psi input The rod lock is ... More >
Miller Fluid Power
AV Series Heavy Duty Air Cylinders
Key Features Up to 250 PSI Air Service Bore Sizes 1" through 14" 17 Mounting Styles ... More >
AIRPRO 250A-1 Series Pneumatic Cylinder
Key Features NFPA Interchangeable Bore size:  1.5", 2", 2.5", 3.25", 4", 5", 6" High Strength Piston Rod Piston rods are hard chrome plated to resist scoring and ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
S Series Universal Miniature Air Cylinders
Bore Sizes 3/4, 1, 1-1/8, 1-1/4" Function Double Acting Spring Extend Spring Return ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
2AJ / 2ANJ Series Heavy Duty NFPA Rodlock Air Cylinders
Key Features 13 Standard mounting styles Bore sizes – 11/2" to 8" Strokes – up to 120" Piston Rod Diameters – 5/8" to 21/2" Working pressure up to 100 psi ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
VE Series Valve Actuator Pneumatic Cylinder
Key Features Bore Diameters – 2.00" to 24.00"  Maximum Working Pressure – 150 PSI Pneumatic  Piston Rod Diameters – .625" to 3.500"  Stroke ... More >