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Parker Hydraulic Group
High Load Piston for Hydraulic Cylinders
Key Features Long life Low friction High load capacity High contamination tolerance Virtually eliminates leakage Products available on: 2H Series (Optional) 3H ... More >
Parker Hydraulic Group
Low Friction Seal Options for 2H/3H Hydraulic Cylinders
Key Features Smooth-running operation – reduces “slip-stick”  or “chatter” Ideally suited for use in servo applications Bronze-filled PTFE material for ... More >
Parker Hydraulic Group
Position Sensing Technology for Hydraulic Cylinders
Key Features Available for Series 2H, 3L, and 2A cylinders 1.50" through 6.00" bore Series 2H pistons Available on 15 different mounting styles Adjustability over the ... More >
Parker Hydraulic Group
Parker Crown™ Wiper
Key Features The sharp leading edge cleans the piston rod on the retract stroke. The Crown Wiper acts as a secondary seal by wiping away any oil film adhering to it ... More >
Parker Hydraulic Group
Rod Boots
A very common options for protecting for rods in harsh environments. Exposed piston rods that are subjected  to contaminants with air hardening properties, such as  ... More >
Parker Hydraulic Group
Extreme High Temperature Seal Option - Up to 400F
Key Features Operating temperature to 400° F Broad range of fluid compatibility No additional delivery time Available on Parker Cylinder ... More >
Parker Hydraulic Group
Water Submersible Option for Series 2H and 3H Hydraulic Cylinders
Key Features Submersible  depth of up to 5,000 feet Corrosion  resistant materials and surface treatments Dual cylinder body seals Heavy duty service Parker ... More >
Advanced Machine & Engineering
Hydraulic RCH Rod Clamps
Key Features Can Be Mounted to Any Machine Structure Actuated by a spring/collet mechanism and unclamped by hydraulic pressure Standard housing can be custom-designed ... More >
Parker Hydraulic Group
Global Shield™ Rod Coating Technology
Key Features Less Downtime from reduced maintenance intervals (cylinder repairs and seal replacements) Longer Seal Life in corrosive environments  Lower Service ... More >