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Parker Electromechanical
LCR Series Light Capacity Rodless Miniature Linear Positioners
Versions: Belt Drive Lead Screw Drive Bearing Choices: Rugged square rail design Economical slider bushing design Motors: 22 and 30 frame sizes Stepper or servo ... More >
Parker Electromechanical
ERV Series Electric Rodless Linear Actuator
Two sizes: 5, 8 Carriage loads to 4480 N Extended carriage option Speeds up to 5m/sec Repeatability: ±0.102mm Strokes to 6 meters Internal drive ... More >
Parker Electromechanical
HMR Series High Moment Rodless Linear Actuator
Key Features Basic profile for assembling directly to the machine base Reinforced profile for self-supporting assembly Integrated T-slots for attaching from below and ... More >