Kingston Valves
Model 292 Kingston Low Flow Side Port Air Control Valve

Key Features

  • Height: 2-3/16"
  • Width: 3-25/32"
  • Pressure Range: 10-150
  • Cast red brass body.
  • Durable, light-weight, high performance flow control.
  • Heavy duty construction for lasting performance.
  • Heavy Duty Flow Control.
  • Kingston quality design, engineering and precision manufacturing.
  • Precision machined for smooth operation.
  • Precision Machined with Soft Seat.
  • Stainless steel or music wire spring depending on set pressure
  • Tested in National Board Approved Quality Assurance Process.


  • Lift & Hoist 

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Kingston Model 292-2 Air Control Valve is a "two step" valve designed for operating single acting cylinders such as those found on lifting devices. It features durable brass construction with Buna-N seals. Inlet stem is designed to provide restricted flow on initial opening with full flow achieved when fully open. Model 292-2 has a horizontal side port and comes standard with a l/8" tank valve, providing a second means to pressurize the cylinder by using a tire chuck without actuating the lever. 

A "two step" valve is operates when compressed air is directed through the inlet side, or "first step" of the valve to the cylinder port, the cylinder is extended. As long as the lever remains in the neutral position, the air pressure in the cylinder holds the piston extended. When the exhaust port, or "second step" is opened, the air pressure is exhausted to atmosphere, allowing the load on the cylinder to return the piston to its "rest" position.

The design of the Kingston Model 292-2 Air Control Valve differs from the 296-2 only in the position of the cylinder port.

Maximum operating pressure, 150 psi.