PROTECT PSC Programmable Modular Safety System

Key Features

  • Modular design
  • Integration of safe and operational signals
  • Evaluation of over 250 input and output signals
  • Free programming to IEC 61131 through default USB interface or
  • Signal coupling through external wiring without programming
  • External gateway connectivity (PROFIBUS, Device Net or CC-Link)
  • Reaction time 22 ms (transistor outputs) or 37 ms (relay outputs)
  • Visualization and status indication on module or PC
  • Smooth fitting onto DIN rails
Part Numbers

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The PROTECT PSC is a brand-new generation of a Safety PLC, which was especially designed to meet the requirements of modern production systems and complex individual machines.

The modular system concept enables the user combining the input and output modules of the PROTECT PSC system in accordance with the needs of the specific application.

PROTECT-PSC is particularly suitable for the safe evaluation and coupling of multiple safety-related signals such as emergency stop control equipment, guard monitoring, safety light curtains (AOPDs) or safety sensors and solenoid interlocks equipped with the Schmersal CSS technology. 

The range of application of the PROTECT-PSC controller system includes complex individual machines as well as small up to medium-sized integrated manufacturing systems.

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