FFC-113 3600 PSIG Pressure Filters


  • 1/2 NPT


  • Head - 303 Stainless Steel
  • Internals - 303 Stainless Steel
  • Bowl - 303 Stainless Steel
  • Seals - Fluorocarbon


  • Manual Drain

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Many large CNG powered vehicles, such as buses used in city transit systems rely on FFC-113 filters, which are installed onboard the vehicle itself.  They protect critical engine components from contaminants present in alternative fuel gas systems.

The FFC-113 is a popular filter choice onboard alternative fuel vehicles. Tiny solid and liquid contaminants can foul critical engine components, diminishing engine performance. These contaminants are typically generated during the compression, storage, and dispensing of alternative fuel gases like CNG. 

The FFC-113 removes sub-micronic contaminants with removal efficiencies from 95% to 99.97% ensuring long service intervals for components like fuel injectors.  Its robust 303 stainless steel construction and 3600 PSIG design pressure and relatively light weight combine to provide a unit that will withstand the harsh operating environments found on heavy duty vehicles like buses and trucks. It is supplied with 1/2" NPT connections and is designed for flows exceeding 1550 SCFM at 3600 PSIG. 

Max. Pressure: 3600 PSIG (248 bar)

Max. Temperature: 175°F (79°C)

Flow Rates: Up to 1576 SCFM (at 3600 PSIG)