Eaton Electrical
E68 Series Conveyor Integral Sensor Valve

Key Features

  • Self-contained package includes sensor, logic, air valve, and wiring
  • Non-contact, true Zero Pressure Accumulation
  • Multiple algorithms available to provide the exact functionality you require
  • Multiple wiring options available—including NEMA 4 and NEMA 1 varieties
  • Low installation costs
  • Integrated “beam status” contact available to allow direct integration into AC or DC control systems
  • One-touch air fittings for quick installation
  • Low-profile package allows easy integration into conveyor side-channel
  • System designed with sub-4A 24 Vdc wiring for safety and reduced installation costs
  • Easily interfaced to external control systems for singulated discharge and/or slug release
  • Highly optimized, low-cost power supply
  • Custom brackets and sensor/bracket assemblies available

Standards and Certifications

  • cULus

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The E68 Series Integral Sensor Valve (ISV) from Eaton’s electrical sector is a complete Zero Pressure Accumulation (ZPA) sensing and control solution. This system solves the problem of product damage and mishandling caused by mechanical sensor rollers on outdated ZPA conveyors. 

A Complete, Pre-Engineered Solution

The ISV comes complete with all needed components including sensors, air valves, pre-measured connectors, power supplies and accessories. These components simply snap together to provide reliable conveyor control without the need to invest costly engineering time. The compact power supply, designed specifically for our ZPA products, includes an integral junction box to eliminate additional mounting enclosures. 

Fast, Low Cost Installation and Retrofit

The unique ISV reduces installation costs by integrating the sensor, valve and control logic into one device. Only one device needs to be installed to provide a full zone’s worth of control. Connections between zones are also included, eliminating the need to run any additional wiring. Wiring is optimized for an exact fit, eliminating unsightly cable loops that could be snagged and damaged.