Explosion Proof Enclosures

Key Features

  • Cooling equipment ranging from 800 W to over 2000 W possible in combination with Ex „p“ type enclosures.
  • Enclosures and cabinets built for protection type Ex „p“ or „pD“ pressurization.
  • The Ex „p“ protection type pressurization enables non-explosion proof components or devices to be installed safety use in potentially hazardous areas of zone 1 and zone 2.
  • Designed for the protection class increased safety „e“ and protection by enclosure „t“ and can be used for installations and applications in gas and dust explosion vulnerable areas.
  • Certified by independent body.
  • Per EC construction type examination certificate number EPS 09 ATEX 1 175 U usable in gas and dust explosionvulnerable areas.
    • II 2G Ex eb IIC
    • II 2D Ex tb IIIC

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How it works:

The enclosure is filled with an ignition protection gas. After being rinsed under specific conditions, to maintain its pressure. An explosive gas mixture can therefore not penetrate the internal source of possible ignition. If necessary, the enclosure can be permanently supplied with ignition protection gas.


In dust explosion hazardous areas, it may not to be rinsed to avoid dust whirls - the enclosure interior should be cleaned.

In general counts:

The denser the enclosure, the smaller the leakage, therefore lowering the total expenses and operating costs for the ignition protection gas.

Enclosures without hard to reach areas and corners have a shorter rinsing time thus ensuring faster system start-up.

Ex „p“ blank enclosures are manufactured for zone 1 and 2 without certification. Manufacturers of equipment in the pressurized enclosure with ignition protection ex „p“ or „pD“ type, can be referred to: R. Stahl GmbH, Waldenburg. This specific manufacturer undertakes all required tests specified for certification of equipment.

Each enclosure undergoes conformity inspection.