SSD Drives
DSELite Configuration Tool

Current Version 3.06  01_2017

For all SSD AC and DC drives

General Information

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1 Introduction

DSE Lite (Drive System Explorer Lite) is the software tool for the 890, 690+, 650V, 620 series firmware version

4.0 or later, 605, 590+, 590 series firmware version 3.2 or later, 590SP and 584SV range of drives available from

SSD Drives. Using straightforward block programming you can very quickly become a confident user of DSE Lite.

Users of CELite (Configuration Editor Lite) and DSD (Drive System Designer), two previous products, will

appreciate DSE Lite's similarity and familiar features. DSE Lite combines the features of both these previous

products into a single application with a modern interface and more advanced monitoring capabilities.

For the 584, 590, 605, 620, 650 and 690 drives DSE Lite provides parameterization and function block

connectivity similar to CELite. 890 drives support user defined applications in conjunction with fixed Motor

Control blocks. Similar to DSD’s support for Link Tech Boxes, DSE Lite allows the user to create, parameterize,

and configure user defined applications as well as parameterize and connect fixed Motor Control blocks:

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