SSD Drives
AC650S AC DRIVE For Sensorless PMAC Motors


The AC650S series is designed to save energy in general purpose applications by replacing induction motors with more efficient permanent magnet (PMAC) motors.

Easy to commission and maintain, it runs the motor without speed sensor.

It is available up to 1.5 kW for 230V supply and up to 7.5kW for 460V three-phase supply.

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  • Side-by-side mounting reduces the space used in an enclosure.
  • Energy savings achieved when using a permanent-magnet motor instead of an induction motor can amount to up to 12%, thanks to the higher efficiency of permanent magnet motors.
  • The AC650S comes with one PID controller. It can be set to control process parameters like pressure or flow rate.
  • Sensorless motor control eliminates the need for a speed sensor, which improves the system reliability.
  • Easy commissioning thanks to built-in application macros for the most common applications and free setup wizard.
  • Built-in filter for EMC compliance to EN61800-3.

Energy savings

The AC650S drive features an advanced sensorless control algorithm for permanent-magnet motors.

Coupled with the high efficiency of Parker permanent-magnet motors, huge electricity costs savings can be achieved.

Maximum compactness for smaller machines - no need for forced ventilation.

The Parker PM motors are up to 75% smaller than same power induction motors, which allows ultra-compact machinery designs. Furthermore, the motors are available with a very economical brake option.

Minimum enclosure space

The AC650S is among the smallest drive of the market. Side-by-side mounting is possible, which minimizes even more the space required in panels for multi-drives systems.