Parker Electromechanical
P Series Precision Direct Drive Rotary Motors

Key Features

  • Up To 480 NM (354 Ft-Lb) Rated Torque
  • Up To 15,000 N (3,372 Lbf) Normal Load
  • High Resolution Absolute Encoder Feedback
  • Up To 500 RPM Rated Speed
  • Easy configuration
  • Various control options
  • Outstanding mechanical accuracy
  • Pre-defined profile function with Parker Drive

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The PM-DD servo motor is designed to provide high torque and high accuracy. Tapped mounting holes and a hollow through bore allow this motor to be used in a variety of applications that require the load to be attached directly to the motor.

  • 5 frame sizes (13 models) provide peak torques up to 480 Nm load carrying capabilities up to 15,000 N
  • speeds up to 500 rpm
  • 20 bit absolute feedback with BISS-C communication
  • Accuracy of +- 30 arc sec. with repeatability of +- 1.3 arc sec.

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