Parker Releases New Global Shield™ Rod Coating Technology


What is Global Shield?
If you are not fully aware of Global Shield, it is a game-changing piston rod plating that provides corrosion resistance far superior to any form and thickness of chrome plating as well as nitriding, chrome-over-nickel (nickel-chrome) plating, and other common rod coating “solutions”.

Parker’s Global Shield™ rod coating technology was specifically designed to address corrosion resistance requirements of challenging industrial applications.

  • Combined with our internal rod coating capabilities, Global Shield is immediately available to upgrade your Parker cylinder performance. 

When compared to traditional rod coatings, Global Shield™ has the following advantages:

  • Significantly Improved Corrosion Resistance from the single-layer, fully-dense, submicron structure and the lack of micro-cracks inherent to chrome plating
  • Lower Friction
  • Ductile and Tough so when the rod bends, it does too
  • Engineered Hardness (HRC 54 minimum) for wear-resistance

The Game Has Changed

  • Why remain with chrome, chrome over nickel, or some other multi-layer/multiprocess rod plating technology when Global Shield can improve your cylinder performance with better initial and long-term ownership costs?

The value that you will receive from Global Shield™ includes:

  • Less Downtime from reduced maintenance intervals (cylinder repairs and seal replacements)
  • Longer Seal Life in corrosive environments
  • Lower Service Costs since you won’t need to replace the piston rod due to corrosion


**Full Literature Available in Hydraulic and Pneumatic Technologies Page